About Mouth Mask ZA

Our Story!

What is Mouth Mask ZA?

Mouth Mask ZA (http://mouth-mask.co.za/) is aiming at becoming the leading South African handmade hygiene apparel & industrial company, striving to keeping our family and workers safe while using traditional African design as well as manufacturing and sewing skills set.

Mouth Mask ZA also thrives to be the leading inclusive and diverse brand – catering for all type of public, regardless of gender, skin tone, faith and any other specific features.

We are proud to provide high quality clothing items providing full coverage in line with the South African Government requirements, without compromising on safety and health features.

We are based in Cape Town and operate nationally.

We have received our licence to operate during the lockdown and will courier your order, door-to-door, with instructions for use.

We will be able to export our products to new geographies when the lockdown restrictions are lifted and the pandemic a bit behind us.

When did Mouth Mask ZA begin selling the masks, sanitisers etc and what gave you the idea to do so?

Mouth Mask ZA has been in the making for months as the 2 co-founders were thinking about launching an impactful and sustainable African business which would cater for the needs of South African people, provide decent career opportunities and incomes to their employees while leaving a legacy. The COVID-19 pandemic just accelerated the launch of the venture.

As astute businesswomen, we always want to listen to our customers feedback and deliver them with products and services they need. Based on this mindset, we are continuously expanding our collections and lines of hygiene products, in line with the following mantra: Safety, Health, Fashionable and African.

We are proud of all the collections we have designed, manufactured and launched to date including:

- Apparel Collection (Best Sellers: Mouth Mask, Buffs & Visors - African, plain, branded and kids!)

- Personal Care Collection (Sanitizers - hand & surface & hygiene keys and much more)

- Office Collection (Disinfectant tunnels & thermometers)

- School Collection (Branded masks, buffs, social distancing stickers and disinfectant stands)

- Teenagers & Kids Collection (NEW)

- Baby Collection (Nursing Covers and Masks for our new mothers especially with the upcoming Mother's Day)

Were you selling anything else before Covid-19 entered SA?

Mouth Mask ZA co-founders always had the vision to design, manufacture and deliver high quality while affordable African products on the Continent. We aim at showcasing African design and manufacturing abilities and upskill our workplace.

The 2 co-founders values are reflected in the set-up and management of Mouth Mask ZA – being an iconic, profitable and sustainable entreprise which also sustains and helps lots of families and impacting lives of hundreds of people.

What has the demand for your products been like recently?

Mouth Mask ZA has been profitable since day 1 thanks to the dedication, commitment and professionalism of the team. We are running a streamlined business, catering for the needs of our customers. 

We are an inclusive brand too, catering for all type of audience, including corporates with branded 3-layered masks, kids (seeking to continue working with education groups), as well as customers with specific expectations (we have launched our Wax collection last week and working really hard to develop and launch new products every week).

Our website has a lot of good quality information on the benefits and uses of cloth masks and all the latest guidelines and regulations put in place by our South African Government - why is it important that you share this information on your site?

In addition to being a professional, sustainable and responsible venture, Mouth Mask ZA aims at ensuring the safety and health of its customers and the wider community. It is our civic duty to ensure that the Government guidelines are properly communicated to the customers.

You have a wide selection of designs for your face masks, which are the most popular?

We are fortunate to have the ability to mass-produce high quality apparel thanks to the hard work of our teams that are catering for the demanding and changing needs of our customers. To date, all our collections have been quite popular, with a particular emphasis on the 3-layered branded, personalised masks, our African premium deluxe masks, our fashion visors as well as our buffs. We also expect an increase in the sale of our maternity packages as Mothers’ Day is coming soon! 

Pre-placed orders for our tunnels are also increasing on a daily basis.

Your website promotes your social impact projects with local companies that are assisting children with food in South Africa. What led you to make the decision to give back to communities in need?

We do not see social impact projects as a marketing tool or as an expense for the company. Both co-founders have been investing and serving their communities both in their professional and personal capacity being responsible mothers, businesswomen and responsible citizens. Taking care of their communities both financially and professionally has always been a core value for both co-founders. This is something we continue to convey in Mouth Mask Z